Why Use a Quality Hardwood Rug Pad


E McDonald

During my career as a decorator, I had been never quite sure if rug pads were ever truly required, especially with large rugs. Most professionals will say that it is a must, while some may consider that it is a only a cross-selling tactic of the merchants. I’m not a rug expert, but I honestly feel that without rug pads, an area rug (whether small or big) will not last as long.

Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors Will Help Enhance Safety

Felt & Rubber Rug Pad for Hardwood FloorsThe well-known benefit of a rug pad is that it helps keep the rug anchored which will help prevent it from slipping. This only pertains to smaller sized rugs, therefore if you are only interested in keeping your rug from shifting, slipping, or sliding – then a simple non-skid rug pad will work just fine. The best option is natural rubber rug pad, as it is more  also safer with hardwood floors more prone to staining. Again, they can be a little more expensive than traditional china imported pvc rug pads for wood flooring, but I wouldn’t risk damaging your hardwood floors since some pvc padding is known to discolor or stain the flooring.

Increase Floor Life-span

Area rug pad for hardwood floorsBecause of the damages that an area rug’s under-body or perhaps a cheap quality rug pad may cause, it will become an additional expense and hassle for you to replace or refurbish your flooring surfaces. Not all area rugs are soft on the bottom, especially hand-crafted rugs and ones created from broadloom carpeting which will certainly scratch the hardwood floors and finishes. A quality rug pad (cushioned type) prevents friction of the rugs on your floors which help increase the lifetime of the wood floors. They will prevent dye transferring from the rugs to your hardwood flooring. Though occurs very rarely, this could still pose an inconvenience and that’s why I highly recommend you to go with cushioned rug pad types, like the rubber felt pad or 100% felt rug pad.  As a designer, I have used a company called Rug Pad USA in the past with excellent results, quality is the best and they offer free custom cutting and trimming on all rug pads.  They have the best rug pads for hardwood floors you can get.

Increase The Life of Rugs

Cool Rug Pad! – Memory Foam – What a great idea. I just hope its safe for hardwood floors.

hardwood floor rug padsA 100% felt or felt rubber rug pad provides a nice buffer between your rugs and wood flooring, that’s the reason I really recommend it. Added cushioning from denser rug pads will give more protection for your wood floor and more support for your area rug.  In my opinion, it is the best rug pad for area rugs.  Machine made rugs, one of the most commonly sold type in the rug marketplace have a much lower life-span of 5 to 15 years only. A thicker rug pad will not only give comfort and cushion, it will help extending the durability and life-span of the rug.

Enhanced Cleanliness.

Spaces between your hardwood floors and area rugs are susceptible to trap dirt or dust particles. A rug pad can fill up the space and prevent dirt from reaching the floor. In case of wet spills, the rug pad can protect the hardwood floor surface by serving as a barrier between your rugs and the floor. Further more, a rug pad facilitates an easier and thorough cleaning of area rugs.

Greater Cushioning and Comfort

A rug pad over hardwood floors will deliver comfort. With good sound absorbing qualities, dense rug pads will effectively lower the noise on your room. In a home with young children or pets, rugs with thicker rug pads can be very helpful to them.

Custom Cut and Trimmed Rug Pads
Rug pads can be found in range of sizes and usually, you have to cut it in perfect dimensions to fit with your rugs. But, you could get customized rug pad trimming service for free from few online companies such as Rug Pad USA.

To get a high quality rug pad, you may have to invest a little bit more money. The fact is, the products they sell in major retail stores is generally just low quality pvc rug pads from overseas.  These rug pads for hardwood floors will end up staining and discoloring your floors over time.

These types of rug pads only prevent slipping, but they won’t be able to provide the best comfort, protection, or a longer lifetime for rugs. You will have to shop online or go to a high end Oriental rug shop in order to get the most suitable and best rug pad. My best recommendation is Premium-Lock or Eco-Cushion pads from rug pad usa. And some of the other manufacturers that I prefer are Jade and Durahold rug pads. Rug pads from these manufacturers are created in the USA with re-cycled felt and natural rubber. You can order online for quality pads since there are plenty of online retailers that provide the right rug pads for all floor surface types.

This post has been written on behalf of Rug Pad USA by Elizabeth McDonald

Choosing The Right Rug Pads for Your Floors

Rug Pads for Wood Floors With so many different types of rug pads available on the market, it’s sometimes difficult to choose the best one for your needs because so many different factors come into play. These include personal opinion, preferences, floor safety, environmental issues, safety, and its intended use. Other factors also come into play as well. Some people invest in rug pads for that extra comfort under their feet, while others are interested in something thin that can be used under their outdoor rug.

Cheap rug pads can damage floor

Some people don’t realize that cheap rug pads can also damage their hardwood floors. These underlays have a pad down, and many don’t realize that it’s actually damaging until its too late. Some of these damages can be expensive to repair. For larger rugs, rug pads are quite common and are generally the best investment for most large-area rugs.

100% Wool – A truly Organic Rug Pad

100% wool underlays can be quite hard to find these days, but we think they’re one of the best on the market. These underlays are about 3/8 inch thick and are quite dense. They offer best protection to your hardwood floors. Let’s have a close look at some of its other benefits.

A wool rug pad also prolongs the life of your area rugs, the wool used for making them is pressed into a very firm density. This prevents the stress that causes damage to the expensive area rugs. Additionally the resilience of the wool underlay allows the fibers of area rug to easily spring back after being compressed by pets, foot prints, and more. It also prevents the underside of your rug from rubbing against the hard floor surface.

* Wool is obtained from sheeps that are generally shorn even 8-12 months. So it’s a renewable product. It’s also a sustainable product that is generated from a completely renewable resource called grass.

* Wool possess flame retarding properties, so it’s difficult to ignite. As compared to other synthetic materials, wool contributes much less to smoke and toxic gas formation. It is also a much safer product when compared to other alternatives.

* Wool is also a natural product made from amino acids that offers much better and gentle protection to your floors.

* Wool is also bio-degradable. When it is placed in soil, it readily degrades and generates sulfur, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water, which are all plant nutrients.

* Natural wool is completely safe and can be used with all laminates, hard wood floor surfaces, and hard woods. The reason is that all natural wool is never exposed to harsh additives or chemicals.

Natural, eco-friendly and organic rug pads

Some people feel that rug pads made using either Austrian or New Zealand all-natural wool are best as they last for years, and offer best return on investment. The best way to ensure your floors are not damaged due to inferior underlay is to make sure it is made using all natural wool. It’s mainly the chemicals of additives added to some rug pad materials that can damage the floors. In addition, some floor underlays can trap moisture, which may cause some type of flooring to discolor or warp. These days, you can find many safe and eco-friendly alternatives for your floors.

Benefits of using eco-cushion rug pads

Rug Pads* They’re completely safe for all types of floors and can hold bit longer than woolen rug pads. They also offer much better slip protection than wool rug pads.

* They are very easy to clean and can be simply washed with hand and can be air dried.

* They are safe for use in humid, hot climates, and work well on all polyurethane finishes, all hardwood floors, stone, marble and tiles.

* It’s an eco-friendly rug pad, and doesn’t have any harmful fillers. It is made using organic polymer coating with soybean oil based scrim. It’s made in an eco-friendly way.

* These underlays come with extensive 20 years warranty. When you buy eco-friendly rug pad, you’re not only preventing slip and falls, but are also adding comfort to your living space. It will also positively impact your health.

Thicker Rug Pads for Higher-end Oriental rugs

If you have expensive oriental area rugs, you can use a cushioned rug pad.  They are top-of-the-line products when it comes to cushioning, longevity and for providing best non-slip comfort. Due to their construction, eco-cushion rug pads will remain plush and soft for years.

Eco-cushion rug pads are created using a process that has minimal impact on our environment and ozone layer. They are made primarily from eco-friendly, renewable materials that include 100% all natural soybean oil and non-slip organic polymer coating.

Benefits of a Quality Rug Pad

A good rug can serve as an interesting focal point and conversation piece while separating the living area from other areas in the space. Whether you have an intricate Oriental rug or a modern shag rug in solid color blocks, you can easily give any living space an instant facelift with a well-chosen rug. Rugs are not cheap, however, especially if you opt for authentic Oriental pieces with intricate, hand-stitched embroidery. This is why you need to use non-slip rug pads to double the lifespan of your rugs, among other practical reasons.

Protect expensive wood flooring:

Rug Pads

Most rugs have rough undersides that are designed to help prevent them from slipping on smooth and shiny floors. However, rough rug backing could also scratch your wooden floors. Cheaper rugs also have latex backing which is applied to help slipping. However, the latex degrades over time and this can discolor the floor. You are also not certain about the health implications of using latex-backed rugs. Latex could easily become toxic when it degrades and this could pose serious health consequences for you and your family. Even if old latex does not become toxic, it often turns to dust as it degrades which means you may have to do a lot of vacuuming when this happens, usually when your rug is 3 to 5 years old. With a rug pad, you no longer need rugs with rough or latex backings and you protect your wooden floors from scratches and marring.

Prevent the quick deterioration of the rug

rug pad damagerug pads also protect the rug since they absorb the pressure brought on by foot traffic. Placing underlays under rugs that are located in high traffic areas can help prolong the life of the rug and deaden the sound of footsteps in this area of the house. Rugs that have underlays below them are also more comfortable to walk on.

Prevents rugs from wrinkling or bunching up
Underlays also prevent rugs and carpets from curling up or bunching up. This makes it easier to vacuum and reduces the likelihood of your rug collecting dirt and grime. A smooth and straight rug gathers less dirt and this can help prolong its lifespan.

How to Choose a Quality Rug Pad

You can choose between cushioned, cushioned and non-slip or simply non-slip pads. Your choice will depend on the style of rug that you have, whether you have a flat-weave, machine-made, tufted or carpet rug. Other considerations include your floor type or the type of finishing applied, as well as personal preference. Non-skid underlays are best for high-traffic areas, while cushioned rug pads are perfect for larger area rugs. The size is also important, since you need to choose rug pads that can be hidden under the rug.

rug pads provide numerous benefits, from lengthening the life of your rug to protecting your carpets from dirt and grime. Make sure to use underlays so you can enjoy clean, long-lasting, and comfortable rugs and carpets at home or the office, and avoid the usual problems that come with poorly-chosen, low quality rugs.

Types of Rug Pads

Many people prefer premium-grade rug pads as they protect and secure their area rugs and hardwood floors from daily wear and tear. In fact, a more bulky underlay may also provide a bit of soundproofing, comfort, and padding. Sadly, however, many rug pads available on the market these days are made using substandard PVC materials, so they may last for just few years. Some of the rugs may even stick to your floor creating a mess. Let’s have a close look at different types of rug pads, which of them are best, and where you can ideally use them.

Why do some rug pads stick to hardwood floors?

Well, the rug pads that stick to hardwood flooring are usually made from inferior PVC. They are also cured using toxic chemical solutions that may eventually react with some hardwood floor finishes, such as lacquer, polyurethane, and acrylic.

If your hardwood floor has glossy finish, your floors have a much greater risk of sticking or underlay sticking to expensive hardwood floor. To be on the safe side, it is best to invest in a fiber-felt, hardwood friendly, or natural rubber rug pad for protecting your flooring investment.

If your hardwood floor has just been refinished, it’s best to avoid using a rug pad temporarily until your floor has completely cured. Its finish is vulnerable while its’ still curing. Don’t use rug pad for at least one or two months just to be safe.

Various underlay materials for your hardwood floors

Felt rug pads

Felt rug pads offer a thick, highly protective layer for area rug. Some of them are as much as a inch thick. Felt rug pads are best for areas rugs that measure 6’ x 9’ or more.

Although felt rug pads may not grip the floor firmly, but

Felt Rug Pad

they surely provide sufficient cushion underfoot, which in the long run helps in maintaining your area rug longer. Field underlays made from recycled fibers may last longer, feel softer, and do not give off strange smells that are often associated with felt jute underlays. They are completely safe for all types of floors and offer several benefits, such as soundproofing, insulation, and acoustic barrier.

Eco-friendly rug pads

Felt & Rubber Rug PadEco-friendly rug pads are one of the best alternative to rubber, felt, and PVC rug pads. These rug pads are completely safe for all types of flooring since they use natural plant oils and polymers that do not react with floors with glossy polyurethane finish. These pads do not generate any odor and are available in different varieties including cushion, felt, and solid.

Natural rubber rug pads

Natural rubber rug pads have a much better grip on the floor and do felt and rubber rug padnot stain or mark polyurethane flooring unlike inferior PVC underlays. Although these types of underlays offer bit less cushioning than other types of underlays, they have a much stronger grip and would last for years. They are completely safe and harmless for all types of hardwood floors and are somewhat thinner also.

PVC rug pads

PVC rug pads are one of the cheapest and most common variety in terms of quality of all rug pads available. Once you have a PVC underlay, you’ll understand why they’re so cheap. After all, you get what you pay for!pvc rug pad

Low quality PVC rug pads give off VOCs volatile organic compounds) along with toxic formaldehyde fumes. This can pose substantial risk to health to all those who’re in close proximity. These underlays also stick and stain to some types of hardwood flooring. They also have a short life.

Rubber and felt rug pads.

Rug PadsRubber and felt rug pads offer best of both worlds. They have lower rubber surface that efficiently secures the underlay along with a thick layer of felt that offers cushioning and durability and also prolong’s the rug’s life. Rubber and felt underlays can also be utilized for securing area rugs to carpets as well. Filp the underlay so that felt-side faces the carpet and rubber faces upwards. Felt and rubber rug pads are best for high quality rugs.

All in all, the underlay you select will largely depend on how you plan to use it, and the size of your area rug. Large sized rugs do not need much grip, so you might desire a little bit of cushion underfoot. Then again, if you’ve smaller sized runner or fug, you might want to use a natural rubber underlay with maximum grip and minimum thickness so that you won’t trip while walking on your rug. Whichever you prefer, there’s a right rug pad out there for you.

Best Rug Underlays For Hardwood Flooring

Rug pads for Hardwood Floors – written by: Adrian Wafula

Wear and tear is a challenge that faces any property in active use. Therefore in order to offer good protection and security to your area rugs and hardwood floors, you need the urgent service of premium grade rug pads. For more comfort, padding and soundproofing, you can apply a bulkier rug pad. Unfortunately most pads now found on the market are products of low quality PVC materials. This means they may easily stick to the floor or at best only serve you for a few years. This article gives you a general overview of different types of rug pads; where they best apply and the ones that perform well.

• Why Certain rug pads stick to Hardwood floors

When you get the rug pads that stain or stick on hardwood floors, rest assured they have been manufactured from poor quality PVC plastic materials. Some of them are usually cured using toxic chemical substances that at some point react with specific hardwood floor finishes i.e. polyurethane acrylic or lacquer after some time.

Hardwood floors containing a glossy type of finish like polyurethane are vulnerable or face a higher risk of sticking or staining the pad of your expensive hardwood floor. Therefore to avoid such risks, you better ask for a fiber felt, natural rubber rug or a hardwood friendly pad. This 3 will ensure maximum protection of flooring facility.

Moreover if you just refinished your hardwood floor recently it is better not to temporarily use a rug pad until the floor is properly cured. The finish is especially vulnerable during the curing stage. To be on the safer side, avoid using a rug pad for a period of say one month to be on the safer side.

On average, most hardwood floor finishes last for one to three weeks to fully stabilize and cure completely. To be fully assured your rug pad will not smear any dirt on your hardwood floors, four weeks of patient waiting would be sufficient.

Different Pad Materials for Hardwood Floors :

Eco-friendly; Organic_ Rug pads:

These pads [Organic; eco-friendly] are available and provide a great alternative to rubber, felt and PVC pads. All types of flooring resonate with well organic rug pads since they have natural plant oils and polymer that prevent reaction with floors that have a glossy polyurethane finishing. They generate no odor and are manufactured in a number of varieties including solid, cushion and felt.

Felt _Rug_ pads:

Felt rug pads give a thick protective layer for your area rug. Area rugs that measure greater than 6 inches by 9 inches can best be fitted with felt rug pads.

Although felt rug pads don’t hold the floor as expected, the extra cushion underfoot they provide is instrumental in maintaining your area rug in the long run. Felt pads that are manufactured using recycled fibers have a reputation to last for long, give a softer feel and always fresh not emitting any foul smells that are associated more with felt jute pads. They assure safety for all floors and offer additional benefits including insulation, acoustic barrier and sound proof.

Natural Rubber _Rug pads

Natural rubber carry properties that can grip or hold to the floor much better than a PVC rug pad. Furthermore, natural rubber pads don’t leave marks or stains on polyurethane flooring as opposed to the low quality PVC. Even though these pad types have a little less cushion than others, they have a strong, tenacious grip and have been found to serve for a longer period. In general, natural rug pads have proved to be harmless and safe for hardwood floors. They are also somehow thinner.

Rubber and Felt Rug _pads

Rubber & felt rug pads offer the best deal from both ends regarding felt & rubber pads. They have a lesser rubber surface to excellently secure the pad using a thicker layer of felt for longevity and cushioning that’ll lengthen your rug’s life span. The felt layer will grip the base of your area rug and this assists in keeping your rug secure on the floor. It also prevents rugs of larger sizes from annoyingly bunching or creeping up.

Rubber & felt rug pads may also be used for securing area rugs to carpets too. Just flip the pad for the rubber to face upwards as the felt side aligns or faces the carpet. In so doing, the rug the rug pad will hold the carpet flooring as the rubber layer keeps the area rug from moving. It is advisable to use rubber & felt rug pads when dealing with a rug of higher quality.

. PVC Rug pads:

These are arguably the cheapest and most prevalent variety if we are talking about the quality of all available rug pads. You’ll know why they aren’t so expensive the moment you use and experience a PVC type of pad.

Cheaper quality PVC rug pads may emit volatile organic compounds [VOCs] accompanied by toxic formaldehyde fumes for some time. Unbelievably, the EPA or environmental Protection Agency has learned that fair amounts of VOC may pose a terrible health risk to people in the long run. This is true to people who’ve been exposed to it for long or those in close proximity. Over and above that, PVC rug pads tend to stick or stain specific types of hardwood flooring. Moreover they also fail the test of time by breaking down and don’t last to anticipated life spans as compared to other higher quality pads.

In short PVC rug pads are not by any means recommended or approved for all types of flooring. The pad you choose will to a greater extent be determined by where you would like to use it and of course the size of your rug. Even though rugs of a larger size do not need much grip you most likely may desire a little more cushion underfoot. Again should you be having a runner or smaller sized rug, chances are you’ll desire to use a natural rubber pad that has the least thickness and a firm grip to protect people from tripping as they walk on the rug. No matter what your preference is there certainly is the right rug pad just for you.